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 IDEntityYearDateFirmFile VersionRevision ReasonIs Current
View File1784Amistad America Inc20098/8/2014COHNREZNICK LLP1 True
View File1785Amistad America Inc20108/8/2014COHNREZNICK LLP1 True
View File8405Sunrise Northeast, Inc.201012/8/2020MOORE, STEPHENS, LOVELACE PA1 True
View File907Ability Beyond Disability Inc20118/26/2013PKF O' CONNOR DAVIES, LLP 2The revision is the result of discussions between Ability Beyond Disability, Inc. and the State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (“DMHAS”) regarding DMHAS’ guidance on the treatment of certain non-DMHAS funds to pay for expenses that are disallowed under Connecticut Office of Policy and Management cost standards. These discussions concluded following the issuance of the financial statements and the Report on Compliance with Requirements That Could Have a Direct and Material Effect on Each Major State Program and on Internal Control over Compliance in Accordance With the State Single Audit Act.The Schedule of Expenditures of State Financial Assistance has been restated to reflect this correction.True
View File289Ability Beyond Disability Inc20111/24/2012PKF O' CONNOR DAVIES, LLP 1 False
View File382Action for Bridgeport Community Development Inc20114/25/2012BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.2Original upload did not include State Single Audit Report, per email from Kristen Emigh to Heidi Blake, BlumShapiro, on 4/25/12.True
View File361Action for Bridgeport Community Development Inc20113/20/2012BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 False
View File86Advanced Behavioral Health Inc 201112/1/2011KOSTIN, RUFFKESS & COMPANY, LLC1 True
View File73Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centers201111/22/2011KOSTIN, RUFFKESS & COMPANY, LLC1 True
View File337Amistad Academy Inc20112/18/2012DWORKEN, HILLMAN, LAMORTE & STERCZALA , P.C.1 True
View File1786Amistad America Inc20118/8/2014COHNREZNICK LLP1 True
View File212Amity Regional School District No 5201112/29/2011CCR, LLP3 True
View File205Amity Regional School District No 5201112/29/2011CCR, LLP2 False
View File193Amity Regional School District No 5201112/29/2011CCR, LLP1 False
View File223ANDOVER 201112/30/2011STEPHEN T HOPKINS, CPA, PC1 True
View File953Applied Behavioral Rehabilitation Institute Inc201110/16/2013DWORKEN, HILLMAN, LAMORTE & STERCZALA , P.C.1 True
View File111APT Foundation Inc201112/13/2011SASLOW, LUFKIN & BUGGY, LLP1 True
View File313ARI of Connecticut Inc20111/30/2012ANQUILLARE, RUOCCO, TRAESTER AND COMPANY1 True
View File315ASHFORD 20111/31/2012CCR, LLP1 True
View File272AVON 20111/4/2012BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File311Barkhamsted Fire District20111/30/2012KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 True
View File87BERLIN 201112/1/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File316BETHANY 20112/1/2012MARIEN & COMPANY, LLC, CPAS1 True
View File369BETHEL 20113/30/2012COHNREZNICK LLP1 True
View File389BOLTON20115/15/2012STEPHEN T HOPKINS, CPA, PC2Correction of the schedule of findings and questioned costs for the State Single Audit due to the omission of the summary schedule of prior audit findings noted in OPM letter dated April 9, 2012. This schedule has been added as item IV on page 70 of the revised audit report.True
View File334BOLTON20112/17/2012STEPHEN T HOPKINS, CPA, PC1 False
View File335Bolton Lakes Regional Water Pollution Control Auth20112/17/2012STEPHEN T HOPKINS, CPA, PC1 True
View File318Borough of Stonington20112/2/2012MARIEN & COMPANY, LLC, CPAS1 True
View File309Borough of Woodmont20111/30/2012KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 True
View File353BOZRAH 20112/29/2012MARIEN & COMPANY, LLC, CPAS1 True
View File234BRANFORD20111/3/2012BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File114Bridge House Inc201112/15/2011FRIEDBERG, SMITH & CO., P.C.1 True
View File222BRIDGEPORT 201112/30/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File395Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust Inc20116/4/2012WHITTLESEY PC1 True
View File310BRIDGEWATER 20111/30/2012CHARLES HEAVEN & CO.1 True
View File214BRISTOL 201112/29/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File266BROOKFIELD 20111/3/2012CCR, LLP1 True
View File354BROOKLYN 20112/29/2012MARIEN & COMPANY, LLC, CPAS1 True
View File225CANTERBURY 201112/29/2011CCR, LLP3 True
View File204CANTERBURY 201112/29/2011CCR, LLP2 False
View File194CANTERBURY 201112/29/2011CCR, LLP1 False
View File192CANTON 201112/29/2011CCR, LLP1 True
View File165Capital Workforce Partners Inc201112/12/2011WHITTLESEY PC2 True
View File104Capital Workforce Partners Inc201112/12/2011WHITTLESEY PC1 False
View File232Capitol Region Council of Governments20111/3/2012BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File129Capitol Regional Education Council201112/20/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File190Career Resources Inc201112/29/2011CARTER, HAYES & ASSOCIATES, P.C.1 True
View File384Cathedral Green Inc20114/30/2012WHITTLESEY PC1 True
View File119Catholic Charities Inc - Archdiocese of Hartford201112/15/2011WHITTLESEY PC1 True
View File197Center for Human Development Inc201112/29/2011AAFCPAs, Inc.1 True
View File252Center for Medicare Advocacy Inc20111/3/2012WHITTLESEY PC2 True
View File47Center for Women and Families of Eastern Fairfield201110/14/2011FRIEDBERG, SMITH & CO., P.C.1 True
View File331Central Area Health Education Center Inc20112/10/2012CARNEY, ROY AND GERROL, P.C.1 True
View File399Central Connecticut Coast Young Mens Christian Association Inc20116/11/2012WHITTLESEY PC1 True
View File325Central Naugatuck Valley Help Incorporated20111/25/2012BUDWITZ & MEYERJACK, P.C.2 True
View File293Central Naugatuck Valley Help Incorporated20111/25/2012BUDWITZ & MEYERJACK, P.C.1 False
View File322Centro Renacer of Connecticut Inc20112/6/2012WHITTLESEY PC1 True
View File61CHAPLIN 201111/14/2011MARIEN & COMPANY, LLC, CPAS1 True
View File134Charter Oak Health Center Inc201112/20/2011SASLOW, LUFKIN & BUGGY, LLP1 True
View File107Charter School for Young Children on Asylum Hill 201112/13/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File82Chatham Health District201111/26/2011KOSTIN, RUFFKESS & COMPANY, LLC3 True
View File75Chatham Health District201111/26/2011KOSTIN, RUFFKESS & COMPANY, LLC2 False
View File50Chatham Health District201110/19/2011KOSTIN, RUFFKESS & COMPANY, LLC1 False
View File372Chemical Abuse Services Agency Inc20113/31/2012PKF O' CONNOR DAVIES, LLP 1 True
View File332CHESHIRE 20112/14/2012MCGLADREY LLP1 True
View File139CHESTER201112/21/2011MARIEN & COMPANY, LLC, CPAS1 True
View File946Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut Inc201110/11/2013DOHERTY, BEALS & BANKS, P.C.1 True
View File405Christian Activities Council Congregational20116/28/2012WHITTLESEY PC1 True
View File401Chrysalis Center Inc20116/13/2012WHITTLESEY PC2A major progrgram was omitted due to formatting on the Schedule of Findings and Questioned Costs.True
View File105Chrysalis Center Inc201112/12/2011WHITTLESEY PC1 False
View File118CLINTON 201112/15/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File244COLCHESTER 20111/3/2012MCGLADREY LLP1 True
View File173COLEBROOK 201112/27/2011KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 True
View File229COLUMBIA 20111/3/2012KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 True
View File348Columbus House Inc20112/29/2012CARTER, HAYES & ASSOCIATES, P.C.1 True
View File391Community Economic Development Fund Foundation Inc and Subsidiary20115/30/2012WHITTLESEY PC1 True
View File113Community Health Center Inc201112/14/2011GUILMARTIN, DIPIRO & SOKOLOWSKI, LLC1 True
View File416Community Health Services Inc20118/1/2012COHNREZNICK LLP1 True
View File133Community Mental Health Affiliates Inc201112/20/2011SASLOW, LUFKIN & BUGGY, LLP1 True
View File72Community Partners in Action201111/22/2011KOSTIN, RUFFKESS & COMPANY, LLC1 True
View File450Community Renewal Team Inc201111/7/2012Grant Thornton, LLP1 True
View File96Community Solutions Inc201112/6/2011WHITTLESEY PC1 True
View File357Connecticut Association of School Inc20112/29/2012KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 True
View File393Connecticut Bar Foundation Inc20115/31/2012WHITTLESEY PC2A typographical error was noted on the financial statements and was since corrected.True
View File383Connecticut Bar Foundation Inc20114/30/2012WHITTLESEY PC1 False
View File917Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness Inc20119/19/2013LONDON & COMPANY, LLC1 True
View File238Connecticut Council of Family Service Agencies In20111/3/2012WHITTLESEY PC1 True
View File408Connecticut Fair Housing Center Inc20116/29/2012CARNEY, ROY AND GERROL, P.C.1 True
View File957Connecticut Junior Republic Association Incorporated201110/17/2013BUDWITZ & MEYERJACK, P.C.1 True
View File189Connecticut Pre-Engineering program Inc201112/29/2011BENNETT & COMPANY, P.C.1 True
View File162Connecticut Renaissance Inc 201112/26/2011BUDWITZ & MEYERJACK, P.C.1 True
View File387Connecticut Womens Education and Legal Fund20115/2/2012BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.2expenditure amount on major programsTrue
View File102Connecticut Womens Education and Legal Fund201112/11/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 False
View File57CONNSTEP Inc201111/10/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File78Continuum of Care Inc201111/28/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File174CORNWALL 201112/27/2011KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 True
View File404Corporation for Independent Living and Subsidiarie20116/26/2012CCR, LLP2To correct misstatement noted on Schedule of Findings and Questioned Costs.True
View File343Corporation for Independent Living and Subsidiarie20112/23/2012CCR, LLP1 False
View File226Council of Governments of the Central Naugatuck Va201112/29/2011CCR, LLP2 True
View File203Council of Governments of the Central Naugatuck Va201112/29/2011CCR, LLP1 False
View File140COVENTRY 201112/21/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File103CROMWELL201112/12/2011MCGLADREY LLP1 True
View File336Crossroads Inc20112/18/2012PKF O' CONNOR DAVIES, LLP 1 True
View File371CT Alliance to End Sexual Violence20113/30/2012KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 True
View File412CTE Inc20117/13/2012BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File274DANBURY 20111/4/2012MCGLADREY LLP1 True
View File151DARIEN 201112/22/2011MCGLADREY LLP1 True
View File330DEEP RIVER 20112/10/2012MCGLADREY LLP1 True
View File327DixwellNewhallville Community Mental Health Servi20112/9/2012HENRY, RAYMOND & THOMPSON, LLC1 True
View File136DURHAM 201112/20/2011SEWARD AND MONDE, CPAS1 True
View File52EAST GRANBY 201110/28/2011STANLEY H. KULAS, CPA1 True
View File63EAST HADDAM 201111/15/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File208EAST HAMPTON 201112/29/2011COHNREZNICK LLP1 True
View File110EAST HARTFORD201112/13/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File74East Hartford Community Health Care Inc201111/22/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File260EAST HAVEN 20111/3/2012COHNREZNICK LLP1 True
View File152EAST LYME 201112/22/2011MCGLADREY LLP1 True
View File1418East Shore District Health Department20111/9/2014Solakian & Company, LLC1 True
View File195EAST WINDSOR 201112/29/2011CCR, LLP1 True
View File130EASTCONN201112/20/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File228Easter Seal Rehabilitation Center of Greater Water201112/29/2011CCR, LLP2 True
View File207Easter Seal Rehabilitation Center of Greater Water201112/29/2011CCR, LLP1 False
View File92Easter Seals Capital Region and Eastern Connecticu201112/5/2011WHITTLESEY PC1 True
View File341EASTFORD20112/22/2012MARIEN & COMPANY, LLC, CPAS1 True
View File166EASTON201112/27/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File296ELLINGTON 20111/27/2012CCR, LLP1 True
View File367ENFIELD 20113/30/2012MCGLADREY LLP1 True
View File200ESSEX 201112/29/2011CCR, LLP1 True
View File176Explorations Inc201112/27/2011KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 True
View File182FAIRFIELD 201112/28/2011COHNREZNICK LLP1 True
View File271Family and Childrens Agency Inc20111/4/2012BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.2 True
View File95Family and Childrens Aid Inc201112/6/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File347Family ReEntry Inc and Subsidiary20112/28/2012BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File227Family Services of Greater Waterbury Inc20111/3/2012WHITTLESEY PC1 True
View File163FARMINGTON 201112/26/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File314Farrell Treatment Center20111/31/2012KIRCALDIE, RANDALL & MCNAB LLC1 True
View File216FAVOR Inc201112/30/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File175Focus Alternative Learning Center Inc201112/27/2011KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 True
View File410FSW INC CT AND SUBSIDIARY20117/6/2012DWORKEN, HILLMAN, LAMORTE & STERCZALA , P.C.2In response to letter dated June 27, 2012 with a Category 1 finding for the Schedule of Findings and Questioned Costs. The program in question was added to the schedule. A hard copy has also been mailed to OPM as requested. The revised financial statements have also been sent to FSW, Inc. CT. with instructions to pass along to respective parties. Thank you for your assistance. True
View File148GLASTONBURY 201112/22/2011MCGLADREY LLP1 True
View File377Good Shepherd Day Care Center Inc20114/11/2012SOLAKIAN, CAIAFA & CO., LLC1 True
View File56GOSHEN 201111/8/2011MICHAEL A. ZEMAITIS1 True
View File378Governors Partnership to Protect CTs Workforce20114/12/2012BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File191GRANBY 201112/29/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File66Greater Hartford Transit District201111/15/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File90GREENWICH 201112/2/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File156GRISWOLD 201112/24/2011COHNREZNICK LLP1 True
View File245GROTON (City of)20111/3/2012MCGLADREY LLP1 True
View File120GROTON (Town of)201112/15/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File137GUILFORD 201112/21/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File127HADDAM 201112/19/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File276HAMDEN 20111/4/2012MCGLADREY LLP1 True
View File79HAMPTON201111/28/2011MARIEN & COMPANY, LLC, CPAS1 True
View File273HARTFORD 20111/4/2012MCGLADREY LLP1 True
View File368Hartford Community Mental Health Center Inc20113/30/2012COHNREZNICK LLP1 True
View File70Hartford Interval House Inc201111/17/2011CARNEY, ROY AND GERROL, P.C.1 True
View File49Hartford Stage Company201110/19/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File339HARTLAND 20112/21/2012KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 True
View File308HARWINTON 20111/30/2012KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 True
View File246HEBRON 20111/3/2012MCGLADREY LLP1 True
View File202Housatonic Area Regional Transit District201112/29/2011CCR, LLP1 True
View File99Housatonic Valley Council of Elected Officials201112/8/2011CCR, LLP1 True
View File142Housing Authority of the Town of Ashford201112/22/2011THOMAS FLAHERTY 1 True
View File277Human Resource Agency of New Britain Inc20111/3/2012KOSTIN, RUFFKESS & COMPANY, LLC2 True
View File265Human Resource Agency of New Britain Inc20111/3/2012KOSTIN, RUFFKESS & COMPANY, LLC1 False
View File364Independence Unlimited Inc20113/27/2012CARNEY, ROY AND GERROL, P.C.1 True
View File59Interlude Inc201111/14/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File398Justice Resource Institute Inc20116/8/2012AAFCPAs, Inc.1Upload as one file CT Report and A-133 Financial StatementsTrue
View File65KENT 201111/15/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File43Keystone House Inc20119/26/2011CARNEY, ROY AND GERROL, P.C.1 True
View File201KILLINGLY 201112/29/2011CCR, LLP1 True
View File135KILLINGWORTH 201112/20/2011SEWARD AND MONDE, CPAS1 True
View File363Klingberg Family Centers Inc and Affiliates20113/27/2012BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.2To correct EARS upload differenceTrue
View File53Klingberg Family Centers Inc and Affiliates201111/2/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 False
View File292Lakeridge Tax District and Capital Reserve Trust20111/25/2012KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 True
View File97LEARN201112/8/2011KOSTIN, RUFFKESS & COMPANY, LLC1 True
View File338LEBANON 20112/18/2012STEPHEN T HOPKINS, CPA, PC1 True
View File303LEDYARD 20111/30/2012COHNREZNICK LLP2 True
View File414Leeway Inc and Affiliates20117/18/2012BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File224Liberation Programs Inc201112/30/2011COHNREZNICK LLP1 True
View File116Liberty Community Services Inc and Subsidiary201112/15/2011WHITTLESEY PC1 True
View File374Lighthouse Voc-Ed20114/5/2012SOLAKIAN, CAIAFA & CO., LLC2Correction made per letter from OPMTrue
View File359Lighthouse Voc-Ed20113/7/2012SOLAKIAN, CAIAFA & CO., LLC1 False
View File305LISBON 20111/30/2012MARIEN & COMPANY, LLC, CPAS1 True
View File108LITCHFIELD -201112/13/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File179Litchfield County Dispatch Inc201112/27/2011KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 True
View File180Litchfield Hills Council Of Elected Officials201112/27/2011KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 False
View File181Litchfield Hills Council Of Elected Officials201112/28/2011KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 True
View File291Litchfield Performing Arts Inc20111/25/2012KING KING & ASSOCIATES, CPAS1 True
View File157Luther Ridge at Middletown Inc201112/26/2011CLIFTON LARSON ALLEN LLP 1 True
View File161Lutheran Assisted Living at Middletown Inc201112/26/2011CLIFTON LARSON ALLEN LLP 2 True
View File159Lutheran Services Association Inc201112/26/2011CLIFTON LARSON ALLEN LLP 2 True
View File60LYME 201111/14/2011SEWARD AND MONDE, CPAS1 True
View File141MADISON 201112/21/2011BLUM, SHAPIRO & COMPANY., P.C.1 True
View File939Madonna Place Inc201110/9/2013DOHERTY, BEALS & BANKS, P.C.2revised to included the State single audit along with the financial statement audit.True